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It's not what life
throws at you... 

It's how you deal with it
that counts.


Danny Porter Foundation believes successfully battling cancer requires positive support.

It’s one thing to be positive and defy the odds with everybody you know behind you and showing their support, but another to face the challenge alone, or with family and friends who are unable to give as much support as they would like due to location, financial concerns or other barriers.

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Dan's battle with cancer.

Danny Porter was 31 when he was diagnosed with ACC (Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma), a rare form of cancer. He battled it from May 2005 until February 2018, when he passed away. During that time he endured several operations, which involved a ‘brain lift’, the loss of his right eye, and most of the bone structure in the right-hand side of his face including much of the roof of his mouth. He also underwent numerous rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and HIT carbon ion and proton radiotherapy.

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Immediately after his first surgery, Dan arranged a charity rugby match, attended by over 2000 spectators, in Sheffield. Dan’s team included England World Cup-winning captain Martin Johnson, professionals including Neil Back, Tim Stimpson, Freddie Tuilagi, and a selection of Dan’s friends. A total of £20,000 was raised for Weston Park Hospital and Neurocare. And Danny Porter Foundation was born. Since 2005 the charity has raised over £120,000 for cancer-related causes. The Danny Porter Foundation is now continued as a legacy to a great man, with family, friends, colleagues, and supporters keeping it alive and raising money in Dan's name.

Recognition for charity work

In 2012 Dan was honoured to carry the Olympic torch for a leg of its journey through South Yorkshire. And in 2018, his services to charity were recognised when he was awarded an MBE.

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